My Sensory Tools; a Sensory Kids Fidget Toy Store. With a state wide shut down imminent, fidget toys and sensory tools will continue to be essential items for our kiddos. We are here working diligently to meet the needs of our customers. If you have trouble checking out, please contact us through messenger. Larger orders may need special attention.
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My Sensory Tools;  a sensory kids fidget toy store in Cincinnati, Ohio that advocates and invests in the community.  We provide sensory activities, autism, a.d.h.d. sensory toys, anxiety tools & solutions to help calm and focus.  We are committed to ensuring children, even adults, have access to the fidget toys and sensory tools they need to reduce stress, stay focused, feel safe, calm and secure.  

Feel calm, focused and manage stress with our large selection of fidget toys with sensory appeal, stress and anxiety solutions, sensory activities and tools to calm and reduce stress.  Favored by children on the autism spectrum and other special needs, used during therapy sessions, in the classroom and sensory play at home. Sensory fidget toys re-direct negative energy, manage self-regulation and help create a stress free learning environment.

Ease an anxious mind or hands in constant motion with products that twist and turn, bend, squish or  squeeze. Soothe and calm anxiety with our weighted and lavender scented plush animals. Choose from skill building toys and activities that challenge the mind, promote hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Sensory chewlry for children who feel the need to chew, those with autism, sensory processing disorder or other special needs.  Relax, Focus, Feel Better! 

Feel calm, focused and manage stress

Many individuals struggle with stress and anxiety; especially those on the autism spectrum and other special needs.  What is anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, unease or worry. Anxiety happens naturally but some people experience it more than others.   

Those who like to pull at their hair, bite their nails or chew their pencil tops, shake their leg, flap their hands, spin around, pinch or squeeze things are just a few behaviors in response to anxiety.

Sensory fidget toys are a favored, medication free alternative that have proven to reduce stress and provide a sense of calm and security. There are several fidget toys with sensory appeal that aim to reduce anxiety such as things you can press, click, squeeze, squish, roll, smell, spin, manipulate or stretch. Such items offer alternate stimulation to the nervous system; easing sensory seeking behaviors.

Come see us ... a sensory, fidget toy store.

We are privately located within the CMC Blue Ash Office Complex at 10979 Reed Hartman Hwy in Suite 215 at Osborne in Blue Ash, Ohio.  
Children, even adults, can play a variety of sensory activities and discover new satisfying things to fidget and play with.  Stop by and squish for yourself!  

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