MINI 1.5" Sugar Fidget Ball

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Packed with malted sugar The MINI 1.5" Sugar Fidget Ball is a unique, tactile object that provides sensory satisfaction with every squish and squeeze. Its squishy form is packed with granulated white sugar and offers an unparalleled tactile experience. The small size allows for easy, pocket-sized relaxation, giving users all the mental benefits of fidgeting without the distraction of a larger object.  DO NOT EAT CONENTS OF BALL.  

Introducing MINI Sugar Balls : )   These squishy squeeze sugar balls are amazing to squeeze.  The ball literally melts in your hand as you squish and squeeze it.  Release the squeeze and it will slowly take shape back into a ball.  Super calming and oh so satisfying.  These little balls measure approx 1.5".  1 ball included