3pk Mini Sticky Orb - Glow In The Dark

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SKU: NV3413

This 3-pack of Mini Sticky Orbs provides hours of fun for children and adults alike! These mini orbs are made of a soft squishy material and are designed to glow in the dark - providing plenty of entertainment on dark evenings. With a unique sticky surface these orbs can be easily attached to walls or other surfaces, so you can take your games to a whole new level.

Squishy toys you can squish, stick, stack, squish, sling, and more. These super sticky squeeze toys never leave a sticky residue behind, and remain sticky even after being washed. They easily wash clean with soap and water, so take these portable fidget toys wherever you go!  Safe and non toxic. Throw them on the wall or ceilings, catch and repeat.  Glow in the dark. 

Comparable to Globbles  - Receive a 3 pack...  2 color combinations available, one 3 pack picked and shipped at random