Smash animal air ball

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Science in a smash!  It's so fun to "smash" these colorful sea life characters.  When you smash these cute little sea life characters, a chemical reaction of the materials inside  cause the ball to inflate. 

Inflates to around 8".  Overtime the balloon will deflate to about 3" in size.  


Choking hazard, small parts, use under adult supervision.  

Balloon, once smashed will have liquid inside it, this liquid allows for the balloon to keep its size.  Overtime the balloon will deflate to about 3" in size.

This is a super fun ball and for those we tested it with, we have found the ball to be durable and long lasting but this may differ for others.  Some children like to see whats inside: using a sort of aggression to pop it open.  The manufacturer recommends the toy for 5+  we think it may be more suitable for 6+ but overall it is the decision of the care taker.