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Sensory Fidget Bag Girl

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Having sensory fidget toys available ready to squeeze, rub, stretch and manipulate offer alternate stimulation to the nervous system.  This kit is packed with squishy, stretchy, tactile items that help redirect sensory seeking behaviors, calm anxiety and offer an immediate sensory play opportunity.  Perfect for car rides, the grocery store, school etc. 

Mini water wiggler  - squish
Stretchy puffer worm - to stretch or pull
Mini Fidget Putty - to knead, push, press, manipulate
UFidget Puzzle
Glitter water tube - to watch and use as calming tool
Sand Timer 
Squishy "oh no" emoji ball

A squishy star is also included for use as a squishy stress relief item or behavior re-enforcer.  Children can earn the star once a certain behavior is achieved giving the child a sense of accomplishment.   

Transparent zipper bag included 
*Some bags may slightly vary in a few toys than what is described above and pictured

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