8 Function Cube Gamepad

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SKU: ATOY0449-3
1: The game joystick is completely different from the first generation joystick. Our joystick is completely a gamer-level joystick. When you press it, you feel that you are starting a game. 2: 4 buttons, two with sound, two without. The silicone button feels better than the plastic button, and it is larger than the first generation, and the experience is better. 3: Scroll the button, you will hear the sound of gears while rotating. 4: Massage the button to relax the tight fingers of the day. 5: The paddle button, the retractable button, will immediately restore the original position every time you move Features: High quality and good price. Amazon merchants are welcome to buy. 6: Rotate the dial, experience the rotary dial. 7: Forget the worry button to say goodbye to the worries of the day easily. In addition, this handle also comes with a keychain, which is convenient to carry and prevent loss!