3" Squishy Rainbow Dough Ball

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Discover the joy of 3" Squishy Rainbow Dough Balls! Crafted with vivid colors and soft, squishy textures, these unique balls will captivate your imagination and spark a sense of wonder. Our rainbow dough creates an interactive, tactile experience that's sure to bring creative fun to any day. Get ready to be inspired!

Rainbow squeeze dough ball

This Squeeze Doughy Dough Ball is approximately 3"and has the best kneading, squish and squeeze ever!  It is filled with a dense doughy material that encourages calming.  Knead or squish your fingers (not fingernails) into the ball for an effective anxiety relief solution.  Super soft skin with a dense clay inside.  Comparable to NeeDoh   Receive 1

Although this ball is durable, it is not indestructible. This ball should not be squeezed with aggression nor be used by children who like to "find out what's inside."  Over time, plug will wear leading to breakage. Once you see the plug is wearing thin, discard ball before the possibility of it bursting.