Frozen Flurries Icee Slime

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Soft and fluffy icee slime scented "sterling icicles" which is described as: First Frost Accord, Citron Zest, Mint Leaf, White Amaryllis, Amber Lace, Blue Sage, Sparkly Icicles, Peppermint Shavings, & Winter Musk. Yes that's a lot of scents rolled into one but when I tell you it embodies what a "frozen flurry" would smell like, it really does! Each slime comes with a separate container with a clay snowflake, a container of teal blue bingsu crunch, and multiple charms!  Please note! First pic shows slime after it has been put together, it does not arrive this way. You get to put it all together yourself : )  

The inclusion of a clay toppings included for users to mix in themselves not only enhances the interactive aspect but also allows for a personalized touch. You can actively participate in the creation process, making each slime unique. Base slime is 6oz but will inflate upon mixing in the clay additives. Please use extra deli container to store overflow.