Fidget Controller Pad CAMO

-12-Fidget Functions and Lanyard -Perfect for Relieving Stress -Portable Pocket Size Description The Most Ergonomic, Easy To Use, Addictive Fidget Toy on the Market Today. The Game Pad Fidget Focus Toy is Small, Lightweight, Easy to Store in Your Pocket and Can Be Enjoyed Anywhere. Created to Ease Stress and Increase Concentration - Perfect for Sufferers of ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety. Ideal for Almost Anyone - Students, Office Workers, Artists, Time-Killers, Lovers of Classic Gaming and Everyday Fidgetiers Product Highlights: The fidget toy is newly improved and has 11 functions to keep your fingers busy, focus on studying or working, The fidget controller pad can relieve anxiety and stress, Clicking, rolling, rubbing, and spinning are fun activities that help focus. Portable Pocket Size: Bring it anywhere and play anytime whether at your work, your home or on the road just keep yourself relax