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Behavior Management Activity Kit

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Not only is fidgeting a great way to burn excess energy, maintain focus, help with self-regulation and relieve stress but kids love earning sensory fidget toys with this behavior re-enforcement activity. 

Special needs children, especially those on the autism spectrum tend to learn through experiences, not example, nor explanation.

With this Behavior Awareness & Management activity kit, children earn gumball stickers they "exchange" for rewards. Parents/Educators/Independent Providers determine the behaviors in which they would like to re-enforce with the child, the child earns a sticker for the desired behavior and over time the child will understand what behaviors are acceptable. An 
educational pamphlet is also include to help get you started.   

Each purchase will include a gumball cardboard cut out along with 100 3/8"  peel and stick gumball stickers and kit with at least 7 re-enforcers (selected at random) Plus you can shop around for additional re-enforcers if you like. 


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