Arggh! Fidget Ball | Color Change


7-INCH BIG STRESS BALL: For every time you need to yell “Arggh!”, squeeze this squishy stress ball with both hands; this jumbo anxiety relief toy is perfect for physical and emotional stress relief

COLOR-CHANGING ANXIETY RELIEF TOY: Vent stress, anxiety, anger or use as a form of calming toy to aid in concentration and focus; squish, squash and squeeze this sensory ball to see it change colors

CALMING SENSORY TOYS FOR KIDS: This stress ball for kids can also be an effective ADHD ADD Autism toy to help kids relax and focus; these fun sensory balls are safe, nontoxic, tactile toys for kids ages 8+

MORE THAN JUST A SQUISHY STRESS TOY: This giant squishy ball can also be used for wrist, hand, and finger exercises; the Arggh! ball is filled with nontoxic gel and measures 5 inches in diameter

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After frequent usage, we recommend washing this giant stress ball with dish soap and warm water, air dry, and then lightly apply a small amount of baby powder to make the stress ball


WARNING .... as noted per the manufacture on box!

Do not puncture, cut, rip, burn, bit or eat the ARGGH Ball. DO not use the ball near sharp objects or conditions that may puncture the ball. The gel inside the ARGGH Ball is not poisonous, radioactive or flammable. Do not ingest contents of the ARGGH Ball.  Rinse with water if gel comes in contact with skin or eyes. Do not leave the ball in direct sunlight or expose to high or freezing temperatures.  Please discard the ARGGH Ball if it is punctured of damaged.