Toys and tools for sensory seekers and fidgety kids are essential for our kiddos overall well being. Browse our site for essential tools & toys that help calm, focus and relax. Text 513-486-6574 for any assistance you may need.
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Necessity is the mother of invention

For years my son, who is now 14 and on the autism spectrum, struggled with focus and self-regulation. In school and on everyday tasks, he was anxious and stressed most of the day and his only way of coping was to have a melt down; shutting out the world around him. He would constantly pick at his nails, suck on his school shirts and had a difficult time sitting still.

I was faced with a unique challenge and set out to find the perfect solution. After months of searching, what I found were unique, engaging toys such as motion water timers, weighted items, stress balls and spinning or light up toys; they seemed to re-direct his stress and anxiety. They kept him focused and provided a calming sense of security.  I couldn't keep up as one minute he would seek visual stimulation and the next, he was seeking tactile or oral stimulation. Over time, I found his ever changing sensory needs exhausting and well expensive.  

With...  In 2013, I made the choice to quit my career in finance and set out to create a resource for parents to ....     care for my son full time while creating create  up I started a 

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