My Sensory Tools; a Sensory Kids Fidget Toy Store. With a state wide shut down imminent, fidget toys and sensory tools will continue to be essential items for our kiddos. We are here working diligently to meet the needs of our customers. If you have trouble checking out, please contact us through messenger. Larger orders may need special attention.
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Necessity is the mother of invention

For years my son, who is now 12 and on the autism spectrum, struggled with focus and self-regulation. In school and on everyday tasks, he was anxious and stressed and his only way of coping was to have a melt down; shutting out the world around him. He would constantly pick at his nails, suck on his school shirts and had a difficult time sitting still.

We were faced with a unique challenge and set out to find the perfect solution. After months of searching, what we found were unique, engaging toys such as motion water timers, stress balls and spinning or light up toys that seemed to re-direct his stress and anxiety. They kept him focused and provided a calming sense of security. We couldn't keep up as one minute he would seek visual stimulation and the next was tactile or oral stimulation. Over time, we found more and more of these toys taking over his desk. The result, a Fidget Toy Box.


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