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My Sensory Wish Program

Are you an educator, therapist or provider working within an organization?  If so, opt into the My Sensory Wish Program.

We understand the impact fidget toys and sensory tools have on a child on the autism spectrum, sensory processing disorder and other special needs and their ability to play, learn and grow in school and on every day tasks. We understand those supporting these children spend much of their own money.  

Our mission is to ensure children have access to the fidget toys and sensory tools they need to reduce stress and stay focused. Through the My Sensory Wish Program - for Professionals, the program meets two goals.  It aims to meet our mission by providing professionals with items at low or no cost as well as helping to manage your cost. 


What is My Sensory Wish ....  with My Sensory Wish, participants select desired items on the My Sensory Tools website and add them to their wish list.  

  • Once all selections have been made, participants submit their wish list for review by the 25th of each month. 
  • The Sensory Wish Support Team will review each list and provide approval on select items. 
  • The My Sensory Wish Program will sponsor approved items up to a $50.00 value
  • Sponsored items will be provided at no charge to the participant 
  • Participants will be responsible to pay a $15.00 fee   
  • Non-sponsored or additional items may be offered at a discount
    for up to 65% off.  


  • The participant must be a verifiable educator, therapist,  counselor, principal etc. employed by a school; private or public 
  • An employee of a profit or non-profit organization such as a Foster Care Facility, Behavior Health Center etc.  


  • You must be a verifiable educator, therapist, provider or other working within an organization.
  • My Sensory Tools will ship packages to the organizations address only, residential addresses are not permitted without written approval.  
  • Participant agrees to keep their account private and will not share their information with others.  


For consideration, please register through the My Sensory Wish for Professionals face book group page at

You will need to answer 3 questions. We will verify the validity of your information and approve your request to join the program/group within 24 hours.     


The My Sensory Wish Program is supported by Sensory Play for a Cause. 5% of in store purchases are contributed to the program. Purchase credits are dispersed based on number of participants as well as monthly group participation. Sponsored items and discounts will vary from month to month. 

You can help spread the word about My Sensory Tools products by becoming a My Sensory Associate Rep.  As a professional, you receive 20% in purchase credits for all retail sales purchased through your associate link. These credits are converted to a certificate to use on the My Sensory Tools website.  

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