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At Home Treasure Hunt

Looking for something fun to do while stuck at home?   Here's a fun, interactive scavenger hunt the kids can do and earn a prize for completing a serious of riddles.  Here's how it works.... 

First, solve each of the 7 riddles below 

1.  To begin the hunt and collect a prize, find your first clue where the laundry dries ____

2.  Next head towards the place where books sleep, there you will find your next 

3.  Looking for your next direction, go to the place where you see your reflection

4.  To find your next clues' hiding place, what's not a person but has hands and a face?

5.  You're getting closer, now go outside, find the thing your parents drive?

6.  You beat the riddle but here's another one, what has no legs but can run. 

7.  This will be your final clue, so tell me now, what goes on before your shoes? 

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