Squeezy Sugar Fidget Ball

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These squishy squeeze sugar balls are amazing to squeeze.  The ball literally melts in your hand as you squish and squeeze it.  Release the squeeze and it will slowly take shape back into a ball.  Super calming and oh so satisfying.  Measures approx. 2.5".  1 ball included.   

Since pink, blue and purple and clear are the most popular colors, when they show out of stock online, please allow us a day or so to catch up, count and update inventory.  You can also enter your email to receive an update when they are "back in stock" or you can always order a green, orange or yellow ball.  Most customers collect them all : ) 

We also have mini sugar balls you can find on the home page or click here to be taken to them directly.  Perfect size for those who like to squeeze closer to their finger tips.  



PLAYING WITH YOUR BALL.    Understand that no ball is indestructible however, again these are durable balls.  We have stepped on, dropped 100 lbs onto them and had these balls out for our customers to play with, with no damage to them in over a month.  DO NOT play with your ball with long nails.  DO NOT pick at or pick off any loose silicone pieces. 

To extend play time with your sugar ball (actually with any stress ball), place the plug within the palm of your hand and squeeze it in this way.  When you squeeze at random without considering the placement of the plug, i.e. over top where you can see it, the pressure as you squeeze will be placed more so on the plug, resulting in rapid wear and tear.  Be sure the plug stays within the palm of your hand.  Thank you : )


NOTE!!!!!  Your ball has been through an endurance / integrity test and is highly durable.  DO NOT open your package with a sharp object.  DO NOT play with long nails. DO NOT pick at or pick off any loose silicone pieces.  Your ball is quality checked and is NOT shipped with any tears, rips or other damage.  Replacement requests are at the discretion of My Sensory Tools.