Toys and tools for sensory seekers and fidgety kids are essential for our kiddos overall well being. Browse our site for essential tools & toys that help calm, focus and relax. Text 513-486-6574 for any assistance you may need.
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Squishy Stretchy Squeeze

For adults and kids alike, squeezing and squishing action can help distract them from a somewhat difficult, anxious or overwhelming situation. Kids with sensory issues can benefit from using a stress ball to redirect their focus so that there are fewer meltdowns. 

There are many benefits to squeezing and squishing. These actions help you utilize the muscles that are connected to nerves that head up to the brain in the limbic region which is your emotional area of the brain. This works much like acupressure where the stimulation works to help another area of your body.

Engage the senses with squeezable, stress relieving, tension and pressure relief tools.  

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