Footprint animals

SKU: T-510Z

Dig it out!  Grab the digging tool and start digging into the gypsum block.  A giraffe, a tiger a kangaroo, what animal will you find inside?   Great for focus and calming plus a  reward for accomplishing a task, a surprise toy.  


Warning - choking hazard, small parts, not for children who like to put things in their mouth. 

Warning from the supplier .... this item has tools with functional sharp points and should only be used under competent adult supervision. When you commence to dig into your mystery items, it will create dust and small particles so we recommend you lay out some old newspaper to catch this debris.  Handle this debris carefully to avoid getting your clothes and home furnishing dusty.  If dust comes into contact with eyes, flush with cold water.   

You can moisten the gypsum with some water prior to use.  Just a little, this will reduce the dust as you dig along.