Feel calm, focused and manage stress

Fidgeting is the act of moving about restlessly. Fidgeting is considered a nervous habit, a sign of nervousness, frustration, agitation, boredom, excitement, stress, anxiety, a sensory seeking behavior or a combination of these.  Fidgeting requires focus and mindfulness. Having a sensory fidget with sensory appeal toy nearby ready to squeeze, rub, stretch or manipulate offer alternate stimulation to the nervous system.

Stress and Anxiety Solutions .... stress and anxiety is on the rise, not only for adults but children too!  "Playis fun and triggers the release of endorphins; the body's natural feel-good chemicals.  Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being. Play, especially sensory play has proven to help children relax, focus and feel better. It opens up the imagination, foster critical thinking and ease stress. Toys and tools for sensory seekers and fidgety kids are essential for our kiddos overall well being. Browse our site for essential tools & toys for sensory seekers & fidgety kids to calm, focus and relax.

Toys and tools for sensory seekers and fidgety kids are essential for our kiddos overall well being. Browse our site for essential tools & toys that help our kids feeling relaxed, focused and feeling better.

Blue Ash, Ohio - What's In Store

Like the rest of the country, My Sensory Tools is facing unprecedented challenges due to supply chain disruptions.  Our suppliers and distributors are experiencing higher container shipping costs, their raw material costs continue to increase, and labor shortages are all also contributing to the perfect supply chain storm. This in turn has caused our supply to come and go in waves. We stock our store each Tuesday night for purchase Wednesday through Sunday. We appreciate your patience.

Fidget Trades & Play Studio

Fidget Trades and Play each Thursday night from 6:00 to 7:00. Gather together in the Fidgety Kids Co Family Lounge and Fidget Trade & Play Studio where kids trade their fidgets with others, make TikTok videos and share their experience with friends and family.

Buy In is $10.00 which includes a blind box full of fidgets, freebie hand outs, plus we trade some favorites with each participant. Your trades with us support the children of Focus on Youth - offering Foster Care, Adoption and a Youth Mental Services.

You may also come in anytime during our regular business hours and trade with us.

To attend a Thursday session, please visit the My Sensory Tools facebook page and select the events section to R.S.V.P. If you do not have a facebook account or have any other questions, please text to 513.486.6574. Please share with others who may also be interested in attending.

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